Advice needed #1 -Night training

night training

Most of the time I’m winging it when it comes to being a parent. I’m always searching online for answers to particular parenting questions I have. We all know though, the internet’s advice can be so conflicting and downright crazy. In light of this I’ve decided to start a category called ‘advice needed’ and this is the first of many. Believe me, I could always do with a bit of advice. So here goes my latest dilemma, night training my oldest. 

Aidan is four at the end of the month and has been day toilet trained for a year now. He had no bother toilet training whatsoever. In fact he flew through it.

Pull Up

However, a year on, he is still wearing a pull up at night and said pull up is always saturated in the mornings. Sometimes he even wets through it and ends up cold and shivering in bed.

So my question is, when and how do I night train him? I’ve tried lifting him before I go to bed and I tell him to get up if he needs the loo. It makes no difference. I feel awful waking him because he never needs to go when I do.

Is night training something that will eventually come naturally to him or do I need a plan?

Thanks in advance for your tips and advice everyone.



2 thoughts on “Advice needed #1 -Night training

  1. Miss A still not night trained either and she does wear a pull up. What I have done is limited the amount of liquid she has after 6pm. Just before she gets tucked up in bed I make her go wee just to be sure and 99% of the time she has a substantial wee. She often tries to tell me she didn’t drink that much and doesn’t need to go and when I listen to her I usually get a wet pull up! The longest streak we’ve gone with a dry pull up is 4 nights was hoping to hit the 5 before I gave her a shot at a nappy free night. I have friends who have older kids and told me not to sweat it.

  2. Thanks a mil Orla. Yea, I’m not going to sweat it but he has never once had a dry pull up so it concerns me a wee bit. He’ll get there eventually I hope! I can’t see him being 11 and still wearing a pull up at night!!


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