The Aldi Toy Event is coming soon

Aldi Toy Event

Aldi Toy Event: This wooden dolls house is just so cute and only €49.99..

Are you trying to get ahead of the posse with the Christmas shopping? Well, you’ll be delighted to know that the Aldi Toy Event Specialbuys will be in stores nationwide from Thursday, October 26th. 

My little girl got a wooden dolls house in the Aldi Toy Event last year and it was a great buy. She absolutely loves it and plays with it every single day. The good news is the Little Town® wooden toy collection is back again!

This time the Aldi Toy event included a bright and colourful wooden kitchen (€44.99), which promotes fun play and will
help develop imagination and physical skills. It includes an oven, hob, sink, shelving, opening microwave, educational clock, a chalk board and a tap. The kitchen is available in grey, pink or red and is suitable for ages three and up.

If you want to pimp the kitchen there’s loads of accessories available too. There’s the breakfast tray set, a toaster set, pots and pans and a utensil set, all priced at €14.99 each. Also included in the range is a smoothie set, a baking set, a coffee maker set and a tea time site, which are all super cute.

Aldi Toy Event

Aldi Toy Event: Wooden theatre

If you have a small one that loves a bit of drama then the Little Town Wooden Play Shop and Theatre (€39.99) is just the thing. It’s a fun, double-sided wooden play set that allows kids to be as creative as they want to be. Do they put on a play or do they set up shop? It means double the fun for them, double the value for you! The play shop includes a six piece fruit and vegetables set, shelves and trays. The theatre includes curtain, blackboard and a stage scene. Sarah is forever playing shop, so I am definitely picking this up for her. And I may even get her the €4.99 hand puppets. Now to decide whether to get the elephant one, the giraffe one, the crocodile, the monkey or the lion!

If your child is in to dolls the Aldi Toy Event has traditional rag dolls (€9.99) and a wooden dolls’ pram and highchair (both €19.99). The best part though is the wooden dolls’ house is back and it’s only €49.99. If you want to kit it out there’s furniture sets for €19.99, which include beds, a mum, a dad and kids, tables, chairs, wardrobes, cookers, coffee tables and more.

Aldi Toy Event

Aldi Toy Event: Wooden Carry Along Play House €12.99.

If you want to keep your little one entertained on the go the Aldi Toy Event has  you covered with their wooden carry along play house for just €12.99. It’s a clever wooden carry cases that opens up 
to create a themed play environment. It come complete with fun accessories such as a farm with nine accessories, a fire station or a princess house, each with seven accessories.

For the building enthusiast the Aldi Toy Event has a wooden work bench with tools for €39.99. It looks just like the real thing, with everything a young DIYer needs to get started. The set includes a workbench with a blackboard, a screwdriver, spanner, hammer, a drill, saw, vice and moveable clock plus 30 accessories including nuts, bolts and washers.

For free play and creativity check out the wooden activity table for just €39.99. It’s an all purpose and easy to assemble wooden table that features a large double-sided play board for toys such as puzzles, dollhouses, cars and more.

Also included in the Aldi Toy Event is the wooden pirate ship and garage (both €24.99). The pirate ship is red and black and includes two pirates, a shark,  a barrel,  a cannon, a sail boat and a treasure chest.

The wooden garage is packed with features including a car park, a working Lift, a car wash, a helipad, four vehicles and one helicopter. If you want to add to it wooden vehicles are available for €5.99 each.

If you have a train mad small person at home check out the wooden railway road set for €19.99. Excite their imagination with this beautifully crafted and wonderfully detailed play set. The wooden railway set includes an 80-piece set with a track, trains, vehicles and a range of other cool features. There’s also a wooden road set with a 99-piece set that includes a road track, vehicles and puzzle pieces.

Unicorns seem to be all the rage at the moment and Aldi are in on the act with their wooden rocking unicorn and a horse for the more traditional minded! Best of all they are only €44.99 each.

And what about us parents? Well don’t forget to pick up the tidy all play-mat for €14.99. When the kids finish playing on the mat, simply use it like a giant bag
 to scoop up all their toys. It’s 100 per cent cotton and you can choose from three designs.

Want to keep them even more active? Check out the Balance Buddy for €19.99. It’s a bike handle that attaches to the rear axle of your child’s bike so you can stabilise them while they learn to ride and gain confidence. Adjustable height for comfort. It’s easy to fit and adjust and come complete with all necessary tools. It is available in black, pink or blue.

Also available in the Aldi Toy Event is the Junior Bouncer (€34.99), an ideal first trampoline, a basketball shootout (€89.99) that allows the child to play basketball whenever they want, indoors or outdoors. It features an electronic score board for one or two players. It has score-activated sound effects too. It includes two basketball hoops,
four basketballs and a pump.

There will also be a kids boxing set on sale for only €12.99, which is great fun and exercise. It includes a punching stand (
59cm) a punching ball, boxing gloves and a pump with a needle. The set is available in red/black or yellow/black and is height adjustable from 78cm to 120cm. Finally, there’s the soft tip dartboard (€9.99) that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with two removable feet 
or can be wall mounted. It includes six darts and 50 spare dart tips.

The products will be on sale in all 129 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, October 26. For more information see the Aldi website.



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