Are mammy shoes a thing of the past?

Mammy Shoe

When I think of mammy shoes, this is exactly what comes to mind

Does the term ‘mammy shoe’ even exist anymore? Like, I’m a mammy but I wouldn’t dare wear anything like the above. Even my own mother wouldn’t wear them. They go back another generation again. Great granny shoe doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though! 

Last week the lovely Jill from posted a picture of her new shoes in a Facebook group that us Irish parenting bloggers are a part of. They were a lovely pink pair of Toms and it got me thinking. Is there such a thing as the hickey mammy shoe these days? Do young ones look at us walking down the street and have a little snigger at our footwear choice? I’m not convinced they do.

Your favourite mammy shoes

Fashion is a very personal thing but I think most of us modern day mammies wear handsome shoes. As a mammy, what are your go-to shoes? The ones that get you through the school run? The ones you throw on when you’re taking the kids to the playground? I’m not talking about the ones you wear on a rare night out or the ones you might don for a wedding.

I’m a bit of a shoe-a-holic myself. I’m a flat shoe-a-holic. I don’t do heels unless I’m going to a wedding. Stilettos scare me. Any time I try a pair on and walk in them, I feel like I’m walking across a tightrope and I’m going to fall at any moment. This isn’t something that has come with motherhood. I hated heels long before I hit the labour ward. Thank God the block heel is back in vogue. I can just about manage them. However, my wardrobe is stuffed to the gills with flat shoes. I can’t get enough of them.

Technically all my shoes are mammy shoes because I’m a mammy after all. However, I do have my own go to mammy shoes. Two pairs actually. The first are my black Nike Flex pair. The got me through the winter. They live at my front door and I throw them on most mornings when I’m bringing Aidan to playschool or running to Aldi.

It's Just a Phase Mammy Shoes

Nike Flex 6, sheer comfort

And then there’s my summer go to shoes. I don’t think I’ll take these off until September. They are my tan leather Hush Puppies sandals. I love the vintage look of them and the soft leather and cushioned insole. They are like a pair of slippers. Perhaps that’s what the young ones think too!

It's Just a Phase Mammy Shoes

Hush Puppies Adiron Chrissie Sandal

To get a feel of the modern Irish mammy shoes some of my fellow parenting bloggers shared their go to pairs. I really think we are a stylish bunch.

First up is Jill from and her mammy staples are these beauts from Asos. I’m impressed that she has glitzy everyday shoes.

Proper Fud Mammy Shoes

Jen from shows off her every day mammy shoes

Adelle Kenny from Dodees to Daquiris says that she’s admitted defeat and now wears runners most days, having previously worn heels every day. Her favourite pair right now are these white ones below.

Dodees to Daquiris Mammy Shoes

Adelle’s pristine with runners with some glitter thrown in

Sinead Conlon from Shinners and the Brood is a woman after my own heart. Even before the kids arrived Sinead loved her comfort and most days she can be spotted in these gorgeous green Adidas Gazelles. According to Sinead they have have surprisingly good arch support!

Shinners and the Brood Mammy Shoes

Sinead’s pale green Adidas Gazelle

Lastly we have the exception to the rule. The ever-stylish and glamorous Jen from Mama-Tude. Her go to shoes are actually a pair of stilettos. I honestly don’t know how she does it!

Mama-Tude Mammy Shoes

These black stilettos are Jen from Mama-Tude go to pair. She’s the ultimate glam mam at the school gates and a legend in my mind!

And what about the dad’s of Ireland? It seems the humble runner is top of the pile. It is for Daddy Chambers anyway and for dad blogger Alan from OMG It’s a Girl.

OMG It's a Girl Mammy Shoes

Alan’s everyday footwear. No glitz here but plenty of substance

Haven’t mammy (and daddy) shoes come a long way? Care to share your everyday favourites?



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