Being a stay at home mum – how I’m finding it

Being a stay at home mum

Being a stay at home mum – my last house must have been an awful tip altogether!

I’m over two months in to my new life being a stay at home mum so I thought I’d give you all an update on how the new full time job is going! I don’t really count the first month because I was so consumed with getting everything organised and done for the move. However, I’m over a month in the new place and everyday life is settling down. 

To be frankly honest I’m not quite sure how I ever managed to work full time. Granted, the presence of a child minder helped a lot, but Janey, there’s not even enough hours in the day to get stuff done at home. My last place must have been a right tip altogether!

Before I quit the day job I told myself I’d have lots of time to write and blog when the kids were at school. Sarah is gone to playschool from 9am until 12 noon, while Aidan is gone from 9.20am until 2pm. I was totally kidding myself! I seem to only get time to blink and have to get back in the car again to go and get Sarah. I don’t write a single sentence when she’s in playschool and believe me I’m not sitting around drinking coffee and eating scones either!

I’m all about the new house at the moment and desperately want to keep it spic and span. Housework is a whole lot easier when there’s no kids in the picture so that’s what I do, Monday to Friday from 9.30am until almost noon. I had a cleaner for a while in the old house but when she quit I never replaced her. I was always good at keeping the house tidy but I now realised I never properly cleaned the place!

God, it’s hard work keeping a house properly clean. How the hell does dust accumulate quite so quickly? It actually baffles me! I’m totally being a stay at home mum of stereotype now, aren’t I?!

Oh and do you know what else baffles me? How men, big and small in my case, lack the inability to look down and actually wee in to the toilet bowl! I don’t know who is worse, the five year old or the 35 year old!

I’ve also been watching Mrs Hinch on Instagram stories? If you haven’t heard of her you may have been living under a rock! That or you actually have something way more cooler to be looking at! If you haven’t seen Mrs Hinch, she’s a social media cleaning sensation and I’m obsessed with using her tips and tricks to keep the gaff shining.

After all the cleaning I get a few minutes to have a cup of coffee before heading out the door for Sarah. I spend the next two hours serving her up 101 different snacks, listening to her non stop chat and watching her practice her made up gymnastics routines!

Being a stay at home mum – school pick ups

Then it’s time to get back into the car and collect Aidan from school. It’s only then that all my cleaning work gets properly undone. Apart from coming home and doing his business anywhere bar where he should, he’s like a thunderstorm round the house! The big Lego box  gets emptied on to the living room floor, all the cushions get fired off the couch and he jumps all over my made up bed!

But do you know what? I’m loving it. I have absolutely zero regrets about quitting full time employment. Yes, my day might seem boring or uneventful to some but it’s anything but for me. I count myself so lucky that I’m in a position to be at home to listen to their stories from school, to do the homework and to cook them a meal while they chat away to me. In a previous column I wrote about how I never thought I’d be the stay at home mum type and I was genuinely worried as to whether I was making the right decision or not. I can 100 per cent say that I made the absolute right call.

I’m busy all day yet life is much slower. I rarely rush anymore. The school journey takes only two minutes so my mornings are so much different to what they used to be. Instead of throwing together a dinner and shouting at the kids to get out from under my feet, I cook at the kitchen island, while they colour and chat with me. When Daddy Chambers gets home, he takes over, gets the kids ready for bed and we put them down. It’s pure bliss.

Nearly all of my blog and writing work has to wait until the evening time but I’m totally okay with that. I quite like it as writing really helps me relax. So, yeah, life as a stay at home mammy isn’t half as scary as I thought it would be. I’m all the better for it and so too are the kids.

In saying that I always try to fit in some just me time at some stage during the week even if it’s just escaping to a coffee shop with a girly magazine of a Saturday morning. Before finishing up work I asked a few stay at home mum friends if they had any tips to stay sane. One said to make sure to have ‘me time’ and she was spot on. I never really and truly had that before because I wanted to be with the kids at the weekend or I had to set time aside to clean because I wasn’t at home during the week. Now though, there’s no guilt, I waltzed out the door, leaving the other three to it and I don’t think about them again until I return. And that’s one great thing about being a stay at home mum. 

I do realise just how lucky I am to be in this position and I will try not to take it for granted. But sure don’t you know I’ll more than likely be back soon moaning about just how much the kids are wrecking my head! That’s the nature of being a stay at home mum I guess!



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  1. Maybe, maybe you could tell/ask/teach your men (tall and small) to sit at the toilet for their wee. It’s easy to learn and will prevent lots of time, cleaning and chagrin.

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