My best buys for baby

Best buys for baby

Best buys for baby, my guide

Marketing works a treat on me. When I was pregnant with Aidan I got sucked into buying so much stuff I didn’t need. Sarah didn’t get half as much because by that stage I had sussed out exactly what I needed. For what it’s worth here is a list of mybest buys for baby.

best buys for baby

Best buys for baby: The Pacapod Portland

1. Best buys for baby: Pacapod Portland

My number one best buys for baby was the Pacapod Portland changing bag. This was most definitely a splurge item as they don’t come cheap but two and a half years on it’s still immaculate and gets used every single day. It made the transition from one to two children with ease thanks to the expansion panel. I just love the pod system as it allows me to be so organised, which is a must for me.

best buys for baby

Best buys for baby: The Uppababy Vista

2. Best buys for baby: Uppababy Vista

I thought long and hard about putting the Vista is the list. The reason? When I bought it back when I was expecting Aidan, one of the main selling points was the fact that it could be converted into a double by just adding the Rumble Seat. However, when we went to buy said seat before Sarah’s arrival we were not impressed. The version I have is not a good double in my humble opinion. The Rumble Seat is bolt upright and does not recline, while the weight limit on it is low. I do believe this issue is fixed on the latest model mind you.

However, everything else about the Vista is amazing. Starting off with the carrycot part. It’s suitable for overnight sleeping so instead of investing in a moses basket we bought a stand for the carry cot and both Aidan and Sarah slept, well, like babies in it!

Both of mine went in to the main buggy part at three months after I bought the added Infant Snug Seat (I told you I got sucked into buying everything!). Pushing the buggy is effortless, folding and unfolding a breeze, while the built in UV sun shades (on the carrycot and stroller) are so clever. One of the best features of the Vista is its huge basket; a great spot to hold all my needless purchases! After 2.5 years on the go it’s still in great shape too plus we’ve added the Piggyback (buggy board) for Aidan now so it’s still getting plenty of use.


Best buys for baby: Baby Boum Softy Biside

3. Best buys for baby: Baby Boum Softy Biside (2.3 tog)

This is a bit of a random one and one of the few new items I bought in preparation of Sarah’s arrival. The Baby Boum Biside is really, really cosy fleece blanket that fits five point harnesses. Sarah was born in December and this thing was used all the time, inside, outside and in the car, buggy, bouncer etc. The quality of it is amazing and it washed really well. There’s loads of these blankets on the market and much more well known than this Belgian brand but having tried another one from one of those market leaders, the Baby Boum was a mile out in front. I bought mine on Amazon but I think you can also buy them directly from Baby Boum.

Best buys for baby

Best buys for baby: Kibi

4. Best buys for baby: Kibi Baby Carrier

I never carried Aidan really. I did once in a really cheap carrier I bought in a well known toy store and it broke my back five minutes after putting it on. That was the end of my baby wearing days with the first born.

When Sarah arrived I found getting anything done with a newborn and an 18 month old next to impossible. I also hated the double buggy I bought so I was pointed in the direction of a sling by a friend of mine. Now the Kibi is the second carrier I bought as she grew out of the first one quite quickly but I love it. It’s what’s known as a SSC (a soft structured carrier) and is suitable from six months up to four years. It’s ergonomically designed, something that a lot of the ones available on the ‘high street’ are not and even now as a big eight month old, it never feels like I’m carrying her when she’s in the Kibi. It’s so comfortable to wear and if ever I can’t get Sarah to sleep I pop her in it and she’s out like a light in five minutes. Having her so close to me is also one of the nicest feelings ever too.

There are so many carriers on the market and picking one can be quite daunting. I was lucky I fell in love with the Kibi after trying one my friend had. The big plus with the Kibi for me is the fact that it grows with the child so there’s no need to invest in another carrier when your child gets heavier and taller. I got mine from the fab girls in Snugglebugs in Naas and I couldn’t speak highly enough about Méabh and Tricia who run the business.

Best buys for baby

Best buys for baby: Baby Boum Magic Bag

5. Best buys for baby: Baby Boum Magic Bag

More from Belgium. So the Magic Bag is essentially a baby sleeping bag with legs but what made this great for me is that it can be converted back to a bag thanks to a two way zip mechanism. Bed time in our house is always at 7pm. Both the kids are just programmed to look for the leaba at that time. We’re not always at home when that happens though, we might be visiting grandparents in Galway or Navan or just out with friends. When we hop in the car to head home we have Aidan and Sarah both ready for bed and they usually conk it on the way home. These bags mean all I have to do is lift them from the car and pop them in to bed for the night with no worries about having to put them into sleeping bags. Again, other companies do these but not all convert back to a normal sleeping bag and I also don’t have to be threading harnesses through holes, while their 2.3 tog fleece is just so soft and warm.

Best buys for baby

Best buys for baby: Tommee Tippee Basic Food Pots

6. Best buys for baby: Tommee Tippee Basic Food Pots

These bad boys always seem to be in the Aldi baby event and I stock up every time. I have every sort of baby storage pot going but these are the best and most durable. I use them to freeze batch cooked dinners, they are great for chopped fruit for snacks on the go and they really do stand the test of time. Mine have been through the dishwasher hundreds of times and they are still in great nick.

Care to share you favourite baby/child items with me? I’d love to hear them, especially ones you might think I’d like as my pair get older. I’m also a sucker for kids clothes. See some of my favourites here



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