We have a no shoe policy at home, what’s the big deal?

no shoe policy

No shoe policy: There’s one in our house

We have a no shoe policy in our house. We all adhere to it regimentally, yes even the kids. They know no different. I can’t say all my guests do and the ones that do, well some of them, look at me like I have ten heads. It kind of annoys me to be honest.  Continue reading

The sudden onset of working mother guilt

Working mother guilt

Working mother guilt: The words of this wee man made me feel incredibly guilty last week

I was off for the last week and a bit on annual leave. The reason being that Aidan was starting naíonra and I wanted to be there for him, to drop and collect him, during his first week. You know, just to make sure he was alright, settling in well and to be close by if he couldn’t settle. Continue reading

Taking kids to Electric Picnic; how it went

Taking kids to Electric Picnic

Taking kids to Electric Picnic: My little rock chick Sarah patiently waiting for The Riptide Movement to come on stage at EP 2017

I’m going to be totally honest here; going to Electric Picnic without children is better than going with children. However, last weekend we didn’t have a choice; it was go with the kids or not go at all.  Continue reading

Why I’m sending my son to naíonra


Aidan, all set for his first day in naíonra

This time last year I wrote a post all about Aidan heading off to playschool for the very first time. I worried about how he’d get on, about whether his speech delay would hold him back and about whether he’d fit in. I need not have worried. He flew it. He loved play school.  Continue reading

Family days out: Halloween at Ladyrath Lane

Halloween at Ladyrath Lane

Halloween at Ladyrath Lane, a lovely family day out

I was in Dunnes Stores the other day and was a bit taken aback to see a table full of Halloween decorations in the homewares department. For God sake, the kids haven’t even gone back to school yet, is what I said to myself. My kids were in awe of the decorations though and informed me that they can’t wait for the spooky spectacular to come around.  Continue reading

Review: Family Day at The Curragh

The Curragh Family Day

The Curragh Family Day: Aidan, my little lion man

I’m not big into the gigis myself. My knowledge would be limited. I remember being sent off on assignments to interview people in the horse racing industry when I worked as a sports journalist and winging it; totally winging it.  Continue reading

My stress and anxiety; I just couldn’t cope

stress and anxiety

I suffer from stress and anxiety

I’ve debated sharing this really personal story for months now. I’m worried about what people will think of me. What will my family think, what will my friends think, what will my former school friends think, what will my work colleagues think? Will people treat me differently now that they know.  Continue reading

Keeneland Family Day at The Curragh

Keeneland Family Day

The Keeneland Family Day is on at The Curragh Racecourse on Sunday, August 13

The Keeneland Family Day at The Curragh Racecourse is always a day out that we enjoy here at Chambers HQ. I’m anything but a horse racing buff but the great thing about this event is, you don’t have to be! But if you are, well you’ll get double enjoyment out of it! Continue reading