No children were harmed in the making of this post!

Crazy four year olds

Crazy four year olds: You see, this is what they are capable of!

At times I genuinely struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts. This week was one of those. Well, up until yesterday that was. 

So Daddy Chambers took the kids to Galway on Saturday evening for the night. As ever, I took full advantage and treated myself to a lie in on Sunday. When I eventually got up I looked at my phone to see this picture on it from Daddy Chambers.

It turns out Aidan let the handbrake down on our car and went for a downhill spin in Nanny Chambers’ garden! Naturally enough my first instinct was to call Daddy Chambers and make sure Aidan was okay. He was. So too was the car. It was only after that that I laughed my head off and then laughed some more!

I read so many articles online and in print about preparing people for the arrival of a baby. You know the usual stuff, sleepless nights, the colour of the poo, vomiting, colic etc. But why the hell aren’t there more articles around about preparing parents for four year olds?! Mad four year olds that is!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll be well aware that we went through the ‘terrible twos’ and the ‘terrorist threes’ with Aidan. He turned four last April and he’s a great little fella. For the most part he’s an easy child. Now his listening skills need working on but I think all four year olds could work on them. However, I wish these so called parenting experts would provide a few articles on the madness of raising thrill seeking little boys, who have no fear and only mischief on their minds.

So car gate happened when Daddy Chambers strapped both Aidan and Sarah in to their car seats on Sunday morning. He was heading to a play centre to meet up with his sister and her kids. Just before pulling out of the driveway, Sarah filled her nappy so Daddy Chambers turned off the car, took the keys out of the ignition and ran inside to change her nappy.

The next minute Nanny Chambers let out an almighty shriek. From the kitchen window she could see her beloved grandson flying down the hill in her garden in the car, all the while Aidan was in hysterics and roaring ‘weeeee, look at me nanny’! It really is a good job that Grandad Chambers had left early for the Mayo/Kerry game in Croke Park because he may have had a aneurysm had he witnessed it first hand! He’s super protective of the kids and is constantly trying to keep them out of harm’s way. Aidan loves to test him!

Crazy four year olds

Crazy four year olds: Here’s mine!

Everyone tells me little boys are mad but I think I have one who breaks the mould! He’s as daft as they come. He’d do anything for a laugh or for the thrill. He didn’t lick it off the ground though. Apparently Daddy Chambers was a bit of a wild child and in fact did the exact same thing with a car in the same garden many moons ago! My mother tells me I was a reasonanly quiet and calm child but anyone that knows me as an adult would not put me down as the shy and retiring type! Sure I love a bit of craic! So the apple doesn’t actually fall that far from the tree at all!

Suffice to say that Aidan, from here on in, is not allowed in the car on his own. Indeed, I’m thinking of making him a padded cell, somewhere where he can’t do any harm!

To the staff in Naíonra Bhóín Dé in Newbridge, who are getting their mitts on him for the first time next week, I apologise in advance! He’ll break your hearts but as soon as he flashes his gorgeous cheeky grin all will be forgiven! He means no harm whatsoever.

Sarah is not in the same league at all when it comes to mischief, thank God. I’m not sure if I could handle two basket cases! Although she does enough moaning for two children!

So to parents of little boys, eh, make sure to lock your car doors. You just never know what might happen! Oh and to Nanny Chambers, I’m so sorry about the chunks gone out of your lovely lawn. Crazy four year olds, who’d be able for the, eh?



Oh and he’s also obsessed with poo, parenting four year old boys is fierce craic altogether!

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  1. Very glad he was okay and the car was okay and it was a funny story instead of a trip to A&E! Was a bit worried when I saw the photo! What a daredevil. Future stuntman maybe?

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