Dough Bros; the best pizza in Galway

dough bros galway

The Dough Bros is a well known eatery for those already living in Galway but if you are planning a visit to the City of the Tribes anytime soon be sure to try it out. It is quite simply amazing. 

It’s so amazing in fact that it recently made the Irish Times’ top 100 restaurants in Ireland. See the list here. And that’s just one of a string of accolades the place has to its name. Anytime we visit Galway we are chomping at the bit of get to Dough Bros. We either take the kids during the day or we escape for an evening for pizza and a beer.

dough bros galway

Daddy Chambers tucks in to his Posh Pepperoni

That’s the thing about the place you see, it very family friendly by night and by day. In fact, last weekend I saw a kids birthday party in the place. The owners describe it as ‘fun dining, not fine dining’ and that sums it up perfectly. I’m so obsessed with the place that myself and Daddy Chambers went for a late bite in it on Saturday night, while all four of us went back on Sunday for lunch. It really is that good.

So what makes it so good? The crust is so thin, you just fold it up and get it in to your mouth as quick as you can. The menu has anything from the classic margarita to pizza’s named after former Italian football stars. One of my favourites is the Paolo Maldini but my ultimate favourite is the ‘Posh Pepperoni’. It has balsamic red onion, spicy jalapeno pepper, pepperoni of course and fresh rocket. It’s beyond delicious.

dough bros galway

The Posh Pepperoni

Aidan and Sarah both love the Dough Bros’ margarita and anytime we visit Galway Aidan always requests to go to the ‘nice pizza shop’. So if you are in Galway any time soon be sure to check it out. It’s perfect for families; great pizza, totally affordable and very relaxed. Just what parents need when they are bringing kids out to eat.



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