Destination Holland: Our upcoming family holiday

Breda, North Brabant, our family holiday destination

Breda, our family holiday destination

Last year, for our first family holiday abroad, we went to Cambrils Park near Salou in Spain. We had a fab time but we’re not going back this year. It just wasn’t for us. 

Personally, I was never one for sun holidays. I went on plenty of them but I’m not the sitting by the pool and reading type. When it came to booking our honeymoon Daddy Chambers suggested a relaxing, all-inclusive break in somewhere like Mexico or Thailand. I, however, wanted a bit of action. I won out in the end and we toured some of the southern states in the USA. We went to Nashville, from there we drove to Memphis and then on to the birthplace of the blues, Clarksdale in Mississippi. After that we headed further south, stopped off in a beautiful city of Natchez along the Mississippi River before finishing with five nights in New Orleans. It was amazing.

In a few weeks we are all boarding a plane again for another family holiday and this year the destination is Holland. Some of my friends are rather intrigued when I tell them where we are heading. Yes, it’s not a traditional family summer holiday destination but I’m ridiculously excited.


So why Holland? I’ve only ever been once before and that was pre-children when Daddy Chambers and I visited for the Ginger Festival. The latter is a red head after all! It’s an annual event hosted in a small city called Breda and it’s one of the coolest cities I’ve ever visited. It’s such a social place, a friendly place, busy but not too busy, it has great spots to eat in and is very laid back. Breda has the most beautiful and big park in its centre and a lot of the city is pedestrianised so I think it will be a super destination to bring the kids.

Breda is in the province of North Brabant, which is in the south of the country, close to the border with Belgium. Indeed we are staying in Belgium during our trip. Having been holed up in a dark and tiny wooden cabin in Cambrils Park last year, we’ve decided on some spacious accommodation this time round. We’re staying in a four bed-roomed house, with a large kitchen, living room and bathroom and also a child friendly garden with a pretty terrace. We found it on Airbnb and, no surprise, a week in it is way, way cheaper than a week in Cambrils Park.


The Efteling Theme Park World of Wonders

The house is just a short drive from Breda, while it’s not much of a drive to Antwerp, Bruges or Brussels. We may or may not do day trips to those cities but there are certain things definitely on our agenda. First up is a trip to the Efteling Theme Park. It’s the county’s biggest theme park and it looks amazing.

What we’ll do

We’ll definitely spend time in Breda, we’ll visit the stunning National Park De Biesbosch and also plan to hire bikes and cycle some of the cycling routes that North Brabant has to offer. In the evenings, when the kids are tucked up in bed, we’ll sit out on our terrace and enjoy a Belgian beer or two! I’m so excited!

National Park De Biesbosch

National Park De Biesbosch

We are flying from Dublin to Einhoven with Ryanair and are hiring a car for the week. It’s working out massively cheaper than last year’s trip to Spain. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I like that it’s different. I will report back on a return next month!



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