My four year old is obsessed with poo

Poo poo

Poo poo, all day, every day!

My oldest turned four a couple of weeks ago and around the time of his birthday he started having a fascination with poo. More-so with saying the word poo and ‘wee wee’ to a lesser extent, and the fascination doesn’t seem to be abating. 

Is it a four-year-old thing? Is it a four-year-old boy thing? Will it last long? Will he always find the word hilarious?

Poo everything

Every response to a question always has to include the phrase. What would you like for your breakfast? Poo Wheatabix says he! What did you do in school? I did a poo is usually the response. My new name is Mammy Poo head or Mammy Smelly Butt! And tonight he told me that his spaghetti Bolognese tasted like a number two! It’s so charming!

I’m frequently called in to the jacks to see the real deal and he’s always super proud of them and freaks out if he sister flushes the jacks before I get to inspect it.

Farts are also hilarious to him. Just tonight he trapped his little sister under the duvet in my bed and released an ass fume! And then he proceeded to laugh his head off but Sarah didn’t even get it and just carried on about her business as normal! ‘Smell it Sarah,’ he kept roaring at him. Either her sense of smell is off or she didn’t find it at all funny!

Daddy Chambers finds it funny, so I’m guessing it is a boy thing and he won’t grow out of it anytime soon! Lovely. Just lovely. Aidan does say it with his gorgeous cheeky grin though, so it is semi cute.

I’m just glad I have another girl in the house with me. Will she develop the same fascination in a couple of years? Or what’s to come with her? Enlighten me please, just so I can be prepared.



Speaking of rear-ends, I went for a colonoscopy recently and it was the best day ever. Click here to read why.

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