Free Irish language support pack with kids books

free Irish language support pack

Free Irish language support pack: This book and CD were in the pack we received

Did you know you can get a free Irish language support pack from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht? A friend of mine alerted me to it a couple of years ago and I applied for the pack and it genuinely is fantastic. 

Even if you aren’t sending your child to an Irish speaking school, it’s a great pack to help you child with Irish in national school. It’s packed with books, CDs and great information for parents.

The Peigín Leitir Móir CD and book, which was in the pack we got, was a particular hit with Aidan. He makes us read the book to him almost every night and we listen to the CD in the car on repeat. So much so that he now sings along with all the nursery rhymes on it. I really need to pick him up so more CDs because I listen to this one way too often!

Parents can simply call the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht on 091-503700 or send them an email with their address to requesting the pack. It might be also worth asking your child’s creche, pre-school, or national school to request this pack, whether or not it’s an Irish focused school, so that they can get a look at it or indeed so that they can use it to complement the education of the kids.

I really am banging the Irish drum these day, aren’t I?! I hope you all don’t mind?! Aidan started Naíonra a few weeks back and he is absolutely flying it, so I’m all about the Gaelige right now. You can read about my reasons behind my decision to educate him through Irish here.



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  1. Thanks for this Ruth! Going to order one now. I was educated through Irish the whole way through, it’s a fantastic education. Glad Aidan is so enthusiastic about it. My little man will probably go to an English school out of convenience but I’m starting him early with cupla focal x

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