Hands on dad; the way it should be

Hands on Dad

Hands on dad: Daddy Chambers and Sarah

What about all the great dads out there? All the hands on dads out there? I’m constantly hearing and seeing women moan about what their man doesn’t do. They are of course entitled to moan if their man isn’t pulling their weight at home and with the kids. However, I’m so lucky to say I’m not one of those women. Daddy Chambers is a hands on dad. 

Everything in our house is split 50/50. We both work full time, we’re both incredibly busy so why should one of us take on more of the housework or do routine stuff with the kids?

From the minute Aidan was born Daddy Chambers was a hands on dad. We shared the night feeds, in fact, if truth be told, he actually did more of them. Dirty nappies never phased him, bathing them as tiny babies never phased him; none of it did.

If I go on a night out or a night or two away with friends, he’s at home with the kids. He doesn’t need help from anyone else. He cooks for them, he picks out clothes for them to wear and he takes them away for weekends in Galway on their own.

To many, the above is the norm but to others it isn’t. I’m amazed at how many dads aren’t hands on. Each to their own and all that, but personally I wouldn’t stand for anything less. Why should I? Aidan and Sarah are OUR children and the house is OUR house so why should it be my responsibility to care for them and my responsibility to keep the house in order? I think this is especially relevant where both parents are out of the house working.

And speaking of keeping the house in order, he’s good at that too. Not as good as me, mind you but he tries! I take care of the hoovering and the majority of laundry but only because I’m fussy about both.

Now don’t get me wrong, on occasions his jocks end up on the floor and he’s useless at doing Sarah’s hair but for the most part he is great around the house. A real hands on dad. He makes Aidan’s lunch for school probably three out of the five days, cleans over after dinner most evenings and emptying the dishwasher is his forte! He has no qualms about scrubbing the toilets, making beds or tidying up the playroom. He even takes notions some times and hoovers all the dust of the skirting boards!

And research even suggests that kids with hands on fathers are better behaved. If you don’t believe me have a read of this.

I have a good man; a great man. And I count my blessings. If I had a fella that left me to do it all, I think I’d have a nervous breakdown! Life is hectic enough as it is! So to Daddy Chambers, you are a gem. So too are all the other hands on men. To the ones that are not – sort yourselves out, will you!

And before you think I’m being all smug, have a read of this post about how unromantic life is this days!



3 thoughts on “Hands on dad; the way it should be

  1. Read a great post today from a mans perspective saying how he doesn’t help his wife he does his share and loved it , this is how it should be good on you daddy chambers ! Another lovely blog Ruth x as for the breakdown you’d have if left to do it all … I think the thought of me having said breakdown is what spurs Mr Mmmm to do his share 😉

  2. I am also lucky to have a hands on dad as my hubbie. He is brilliant. However, I don’t like the way society in general praises a dad for every little thing they do – “isn’t he great to drop the kids to school?” “Isn’t he great to look after the kids for a weekend so she can go away?” “Isn’t he great to cook the dinner one night a week?” “Isn’t he great to put the kids to bed?”. Seriously drives me mad, like the woman gets no praise for any of this and they are just as much his kids as hers! Little rant over 😂😂

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