Have we turned a corner?


Aidan is even doing housework these days!


It appears the trip switch has blown. No, I am not having electrical difficulties but something has gone off in the head of my two-year-old and I am liking it. A lot.

This blog was built on a foundation of toddler madness and mammy stress brought to you by the one and only Master Aidan Chambers. I now fear I might have to change tack because, dare I say it, the small man appears to be getting a bit of sense.

It came out of nowhere too. Now before I delve deeper I like to point out that he hasn’t turned into a complete rock of sense over night, he’s a two-year-old after all, but to me and indeed Daddy Chambers, the change has been remarkable.

First up he appears to have located his attention span. For well over a year he’s had a big bag of Mega Bloks, big chunky Lego for those of you not in the know, and all he ever did with the blocks was tip them all over the living room floor and kick them underneath the sofa. Lo and behold recently he opened up the bag and there I was waiting for him to up end it but instead he started building a ‘house’ and spent ages doing it too. When it fell over, instead of losing the will to live, he just got on with it and built his ‘house’ again. I was impressed.

When Daddy Chambers had to work on a recent Saturday I headed to the hometown of Navan to pass a few hours and while in his cousin’s house he spotted a jigsaw that said cousin had completed. As I expected him to do, he dismantled the jigsaw and went about his business. Back at home that evening though he looked for his own jigsaw, the one he never once looked for before, and started trying to put it together. Seriously, who took my toddler? For many of you mammys and daddys out there, the above two tasks seem like everyday tasks for a toddler but believe me, they are far from everyday for Aidan! It doesn’t seem to be a flash in the proverbial pan either, he’s knocked great craic out of the Mega Bloks and the jigsaws for ages now.

Hand holding or refusing to, was a major issue with Aidan. The stubborn mini mule refused to hold our hands while we were out and about, which was actually dangerous considering he also hates the buggy with a passion. He used to run straight for the road for a bit of craic. The craic was in his head, not mine by the way! But, you guessed it, he’s started holding our hands and doesn’t freak out about it anymore. Sometimes. But sometimes is better than none of the time!

Then there’s the please and thank you. From day one we always made a point of saying please and thank you around him and we constantly prompted him to say it, which he did. Well except on the odd occasion when you asked him what the ‘magic word’ was, to which he would reply ‘word’! These days his manners are impeccable and unprompted. I’m a proud mammy! Oh and just the other night he said ‘bless you mammy’ when I let out a sneeze. He’s come a long way alright.

Last Wednesday before his bedtime I said I’d chance my arm and ask him to clean up his toys before retiring. Now granted I taunted him by leaving a beaker of warm milk on the mantle-piece, told him he couldn’t have it until the toys were put away and he duly obliged. Before this he’d just ignore my requests and having a row with him at that time of the evening was just too tiring from my perspective. But last week Thomas the Tank Engine went back in the toy chest, he put the books back on the shelf and calm was restored to the living room.

He’s even properly helping with everyday chores; he calmly hands me the sticks when I’m lighting the fire, he put his socks in his drawer and gets me things when I ask. We’ve had well over a year of mayhem and madness with him, it was time for a change.

I’m predicting Murphy and his law are at work though. Just as one calms down, there’s another one coming right behind him ready for a bit of madness. Sarah is almost 13 months so going on Aidan’s form I may enjoy the next six months of peace before the craic starts all over again. The joys of being a parent, eh?!

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