An open letter to the interfering store employee

garden gnome

Dear interfering store employee,

You may or may not recall who I am but let me re-jog your memory. I, along with my four and two year olds, were in the store you work in last Friday evening. I was the mother who left abruptly without buying anything. My boy reluctantly followed me out the door. He was crying, screaming in fact. 

You had absolutely no idea what he was screaming about. I can fill you in with regard to that. He happened to be screaming because I would not buy him a huge garden gnome with a €120 price tag. I did not go in to the store to buy a garden gnome, big or small.

I am not sure if you, like me, are a mother or if you happen to be around children often. In case you aren’t, he was having what is called a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted. Although why he wanted a big ceramic garden gnome is beyond me.

My rules

As a parent I have a rule that if one or both of my children act up in such a manner when we are out, we leave the premises and go home. That is what I was doing when you stuck your oar in. Again, let me refresh your memory. My boy was screaming at the top of his lungs. He was crying and screaming the word ‘please’ over and over again. I was walking just in front of him and trying to usher him out.

It was then you approached me and told me to look at his sad face and to give him what he was pleading for. You did this even though you had no idea what he wanted. The reason I know you didn’t know is because the initial request for the gnome happened a long, long way away from where you were. You know how big the store you work in actually is.

I believe I was rather calm in the situation, you see I’m used to handling scenarios like this. I had previously tried to reason with the boy with the sad face. When it fell on deaf ears I felt it appropriate to invoke the ‘going home rule’.

Irritating interfering

Your unwanted interference, was most unwelcome. In fact, your interfering made me feel quite horrible. I felt like I was being mean to my child. Mean because I wouldn’t buy him a €120 gnome. I also felt embarrassed because you made such a fuss. I already had the four-year-old making a fuss. I didn’t need you to make more of a fuss. I also didn’t need you to touch  my arm and spin me around. I was well aware his was just behind me crying.

If you still feel as strongly about the situation, you can kindly buy the large garden gnome and have it delivered to him. I will happily send on our postal address if you care to email me. You will find my contact details here.

Kind regards,


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