Great little iPhone hack for parents

iPhone hack for parents

iPhone hack for parents: Guided Access is parental control for iPhones

I’m totally guilty of giving the kids my phone especially when I’m out for a coffee or we all go out for dinner together. Before I became a mammy I always swore I would never be the kind that lets her child play with a smart phone. I even wrote a post about how naive I was before the kids came along! Then reality hit and the rest is history. 

Anyway, today my friend showed me this brilliant iPhone hack for parents that allows iPhone users to put parental controls on the device. Maybe I’m light years behind with this discovery but it’s news to me so I said I’d share it with all you lovely people.

So the feature is called Guided Access by Apple. Basically it’s a setting that limits your iPhone to just one app when it’s turned on. Even better, it lets you control what the (small) person using the app can do in that app. In short you can turn off areas of your screen meaning that the kids can’t access apps on the phone that you don’t want them to go in to. You can also disable the home and lock buttons using guided access. This is amazing for me because I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve ran out of memory simply because the kids were taking random sefies and pictures of their toes! It also means they can’t go in to apps that aren’t suitable for them like the normal YouTube (instead of the kids’ one) and in to social media sites. They also can’t make random phone calls to your boss, or delete pictures or enter your passcode wrong 3000 times and disable your phone, which is a regular occurance here!

How to set up iPhone hack for parents, AKA Guided Access

Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Guided Access (turn on). It’s here where you can also set a passcode and a timer also if you want to limit the child’s time on the phone.

iPhone hack for parents

iPhone hack for parents: Turning on Guided Access

After this go and open any app your kids use and press the home button three time and this will start the Guided Access.

After this you can start to disable parts of your screen. When you’re in Guided Access mode tap the home button three more times. Then put in the passcode you set if you used this option. You can just select ‘options’ in the bottom left hand corner to set a timer for your kids, turn on and off the volume buttons, disable touch and the keyboard. Just tap done when you are finished in there. After that simply circle the areas of your screen that you want to disable. To finish up just select resume or end and Bob’s your uncle as the saying goes! The kids can only use that app and only use it for the time you set. It’s a revelation for me anyway!

Turning off Guided Access

When you’re in Guided access mode just press the home button three times, enter your passcode if you have one and just select end. Simples. So there you have it, a super iPhone hack for parents.

I actually can’t believe I didn’t know this until today! I hope it’s of some help to come of you.





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