A letter to my son on the eve of his fourth birthday

Happy Birthday Aidan

Happy birthday Aidan

Dear Aidan,

Tomorrow is your fourth birthday. Your cake is ready, your party is getting closer and the presents are waiting. You’re super excited for this birthday. 

Before the excitement of the big day kicks in I just wanted to sit down and ‘write’ to you; just a wee letter to tell you a few things. Ten things to be exact. Eleven actually. Hopefully the internet will keep it and you might stumble across it some day. Perhaps on the eve of another birthday when you’re well old enough to read it.

Number one of eleven and the most important; I love you. I love absolutely everything about you. The rest are my ten favourite things about you. Ten things about you that warm the cockles of my heart. In no particular order.

  1. Your mischievousness. While it may drive me round the twist sometimes, your sense of fun is infectious. Every day is April Fools Day to you. May you always be the same way.
  2. Your laugh. It comes straight from the pit of your belly. People stop when they hear it. They can’t help but laugh too. I can’t help tickling you just so I can hear it.
  3. Your snugs (as we call them in our house). I love nothing more than feeling your arms wrapped around me. They are tightest first thing in the morning. They’re the best ones.
  4. Your imagination. I love chasing the ‘baddy’ in the car on the way to school every morning. I love when we finally catch him, in the same spot every single week day.
  5. Your freckles. They’re faint. Only just peeking out across your nose. They make you even more handsome than you are already.
  6. Your compassion. You hate to see anyone upset. You’re quick to offer a hug or a pat on the back to anyone in distress. It’s a beautiful trait.
  7. Your innocence. At four what other way would you be. The purity in you seems more heightened your peers. To me that’s a lovely thing. I wish you could stay that way forever.
  8. Your enthusiasm. Everything excites you. A simple walk, a trip to the supermarket, it doesn’t matter how mundane it is. You just go for it. Feet first and full of life.
  9. Your curiosity. I love how you peer under the bonnet of the neighbours’ car when he’s fixing it. I love how you study everything your daddy does, especially when there’s work tools involved. Your Nanny Ann tells me your daddy was the exact same as a child. May you always want to learn and figure it out for yourself.
  10. Your name. Named after your grandad. He would have been so proud of you. Just the way we are.

Happy birthday you beautiful little human.



2 thoughts on “A letter to my son on the eve of his fourth birthday

  1. Ruth that is just simply beautiful and something to be treasured. I’m not a mum but being a teacher they are the exact things I love about my kids. I hope Aidan loves it with as much love as was put into writing it

    • Thanks Carla 🙂 He’s our treasure. Hope all is well with you and Aidan and that the moving plans are coming along well x

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