Advice needed #2 – I have to make a birthday cake


This Thursday Aidan will turn four. I have his birthday party booked for the weekend and the lovely folks at SuperValu will be making his cake. 

However, it now turns out I have to send a cake in to school on Thursday so he can celebrate his birthday with his little class mates. Aidan tells me other mammies have previously sent in birthday cakes and everyone gets a slice. They are always yummy apparently. Eh, no pressure like!

The thing is, I don’t bake. In fact I’m crap at it. I’m pretty nifty with the savoury stuff but I’m only good at eating the sweet stuff other people make.

A friend suggested one of those Betty Crocker mixes from a box. I considered it, I must admit but I just can’t do it to him. So I have decided on a chocolate biscuit cake. I’ve made one before and to be fair there isn’t much to it. My previous effort wasn’t easy on the eye though. It tasted good mind you.

I could do with a bit of help and advice from those of you in to baking. I have no problem making the actual chocolate biscuit cake but how the hell do I ice it? The last time I made it there was chunks of Rich Tea and Digestives sticking out from all angles. How do I get the sides and top smooth so I can put chocolate icing on top? I genuinely haven’t a notion.

Maybe I’ll go to SuperValu and order a cake for school too. I can let on I made it myself! Or can I just send in a lovely curry or a few savoury muffins with candles on top? Such things are my speciality. The Betty Crocker mixes are looking more appealing by the minute!

Thanks in advance for the advice.

See how lazy I am about birthdays here.




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