Review: Making a Frankentoy


Aidan’s Frankentoy ‘Good’

On Tuesday afternoon we went to our first ever Frankentoy workshop at Re-Create Ireland’s HQ in Dublin and Aidan had a super time. So did I actually, I found it rather therapeutic. 

Frankentoys are essentially bits of old toys and recyclable materials stuck together to make something totally new and unique. Now as a parent you’re probably thinking, other people’s old and broken toys, just what you don’t need. However, you’re under no obligation to take your child’s creation home (although try telling that to a four-year-old!).

Both Sarah and Aidan went to the workshop but to be honest it was only the latter that had any real interest in it. Sarah, at two, was a tad young for it but she was quite content to just scribble on a piece of cardboard with a Sharpie.

Frankentoy workshop with Appytoy

Aidan in full swing making his Frankentoy

Frankentoy fan

At first himself refused to do anything but once he saw another child creating a Frankentoy, he totally got in to the swing of things. He has a brilliant imagination so out came the glue, the sticky tape, cable ties and he was in his element. He found an old turtle toy, stuck some bits and bobs on to it and created a monster. He insisted it was a good monster and even named him ‘Good’. After that he was hell bent on making another one. This monster was for Daddy Chambers and he called him ‘Bad’. He even insisted that Daddy keeps ‘Bad’ on his bedside locker!

In total we spent about an hour and a half at the Frankentoy workshop. It was a real novel way to pass the time. Crafting and using his imagination are two things that Aidan loves so we would defintely try it out again.


The event was organised by Ekaterina Kislova of Appytoy, a great new app for parents. It’s a marketplace where you can give can give away your child’s unwanted toys and get the ones they really like in return.

After downloading the app you just upload your pictures of toys, add a description and wait for someone to request it. Once you’ve started giving away toys you can get them from other users.

It sounds like a great way for a clear out and to make room for a Frankentoy of two!



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