Mamasmartz Hands on Magnets; a God send

Mamasmartz Hands on Magnets

The Mamasmartz Hands on Magnets have been a God send

I think every parent has been guilty of buying some pretty useless stuff for their kids, especially when they are babies. I came across a product recently that I thought would be ideal for Sarah but totally and utterly useless for Aidan. They are the ‘Hands on Magnets’ from Mamasmartz, which are basically a car parking safety tool for kids. 

So the idea behind the Mamasmartz Hands on Magnets is that they stick to the outside of your car, you tell you child to put his or her hand on the magnet until you are ready to go about your business and thus keeps them from running off on you when you unload the boot or just get yourself together.

Sarah is really good at taking instructions so I knew she would do as she was told with regard to keeping her hand on the magnet. However, her brother just loves to defy myself and Daddy Chambers, so I really didn’t think he’d keep his hand on it for more than a second before bolting! You have heard about his epic tantrums, right?!

Lo and behold though, he bloody loves Mamasmartz Hands on Magnets. He literally thinks it’s the best game ever. I yell ‘hands on’ and he’s only gagging to play the game and waits patiently until I shout ‘hands off’. I can’t actually believe it.

Seriously, the kid gives me a heart attack any time we go anywhere. He’s so impulsive that he just legs it the second he gets out of the car. Then I have to grab Sarah and run after him. She’s not light and I’m not fit so you can imagine, it’s a bit of a struggle! That, coupled with the almighty fear that he’s going to get knocked down, is a nightmare.

I think the Mamasmartz Hands on Magnets are such a hit because they come with little characters on them. Aidan got the green one with ‘Herby’ on it and Sarah got the purple one with ‘Hanny’ on it. If you’re interested you can buy them here.

In this instance I’m only too delighted to be proven wrong!



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