How we manage to have a calm morning routine

morning routine with kids

My mother-in-law was staying with us a few weeks ago and she passed a remark about how calm and relaxed that particular morning was. She is right. For the most part our mornings are a breeze so I thought I’d share how we do it. 

Both myself and Daddy Chambers work full-time. The latter leaves the house before the kids and I even get up. The responsibility of organising Aidan and Sarah is down to me and because I don’t like panic I have our morning routine finely tuned.

The work actually starts the night before. Once Aidan and Sarah are asleep we get their lunches ready for the following day and they are literally ready to grab and go. In the winter when it’s really cold I even put their bags in the car. That way I don’t have to worry about even bringing them out in the morning. The same applies to my own lunch. I also always leave their coats in the car for fear of forgetting them in the morning.

Wheatabix and porridge are all Sarah and Aidan ever eat for breakfast so they are left in bowls with spoons on the worktop. That way all I have to do is pour milk and shove them in the microwave and they’re ready.

Morning Coffee

Sometimes I have my own breakfast at home. If I’m doing this I also leave it ready just to add the milk. While my coffee (instant) is left in the cup so I just boil the kettle, add the milk and I can have my fix pronto.

I always try to get up, dressed and do my make up before Aidan wakes up. I always shower the night before because quite frankly I am not willing to get up any earlier than I already do.

I’d say 80 per cent of the time Aidan doesn’t work with the plan and is up at before my alarm goes off at 6.30am. It’s no big deal though. I’ve finally learned to accept that he’s just an early riser.

He’s always starving when he wakes so I give him his Wheatabix, while I fly back down to the bedroom to get dressed and paint the face. After that I will normally get him dressed in the clothes I left out the previous night. I then join him for a coffee and a chat and sometimes we’ll watch a cartoon together before his sister wakes.

Waking the youngest

Sarah is a brilliant sleeper and more often than not I have to wake her. The latest I wake her is 7.30am. Before waking her I heat her porridge in the microwave so it’s just the right temperature by the time she makes it to the kitchen.

Before leaving her room I change her nappy and get her dressed and she heads off to the kitchen and fills her belly. Once she’s finished I get both their shoes on, fill my travel mug with another coffee and off we head at about 8.10am.

First up Sarah gets dropped at the childminder’s (1km from the house) and I have Aidan at playschool for 8.30am. After that I head down the M7 and I’m in work in Portlaoise for 9am.

I know some of it might sound a bit anal to you but it works a treat for us. Doing the few bits the night before make everything so much easier. The kids are well used to the routine too, so that obviously helps. Now there are mornings when things don’t go to plan but for the most part it does. Thank God too. I hate rushing and I also don’t want to be giving out to the kids and asking them to hurry every single morning.

So there you have it. It’s not rocket science. Putting a bit of graft in the night before makes for a peaceful morning. When they were younger it wasn’t as easy, but they are very cooperative now. And I love the calm.

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