My child always wants things. And wants and wants!

My child always wants things

My child always wants things – this little rascal is rarely satisfied!

Before I get properly started, I want to say that I am well aware that most kids do what I’m going to talk about. I’m just saying I think my lad is way worse than others at it!

So does anyone else have a major ‘I want merchant’? I want, I want, I want; it’s all I hear from Aidan some days. And Jaysus, it drives me round the twist.

I get it from Sarah too but not nearly to the same extent. Take a recent Sunday for example. We were invited to a press screening of Show Dogs (really funny by the way) in the Odeon in the Point Village in Dublin. That in itself was a big treat for the kids.

To make it even better, before the movie the PR people organised even more treats. There was a sweet table with unrestricted access that both Aidan and Sarah put to good use. There were free colouring books, they could have their faces painted and they met some really friendly dogs from the DSPCA.

My child always wants things

My child always wants things – even after all the treats at the movies he was still in I want mode!

Before going in to the screening we treated them both to popcorn and a drink and they scoffed them.

A few minutes in to the film Aidan announced that he wanted more popcorn and Daddy Chambers obliged. Out he went to the foyer and got him another one. But he still wasn’t happy! On the way out of the movie he demanded even more popcorn. When he was told no, he attempted to throw a tantrum but we managed to calm him down before he caused a scene.

Being in Dublin we decided we would soak up the sun and take a walk down Grafton Street and around St Stephen’s Green Park. We also stopped for a lovely lunch. Aidan insisted he wanted pizza, so we went to a pizza place. When he was finished the pizza there were tears because he wanted ice-cream. Had he got the ice cream it would have been something else. He had been treated to a movie, sweets, chocolate, juice, two servings of popcorn, a lovely stroll in the park and pizza as requested but he still wasn’t happy. And I can tell you, I wasn’t too happy either. I’m going to have to pay more attention to the advice my friend wrote for me in this post in order to keep calm!

My child always wants things

I think I’m going to have to stop taking him with me to shops altogether! Aidan always wants to get something and half the time it doesn’t even seem to matter what that something is. I think he likes the thrill of just buying things. One day in Tesco he had a face on him because I wouldn’t buy him a gardening magazine. What the heck a five year old would want with a gardening magazine is anybody’s guess!

It was his birthday a couple of weeks ago and he had his party in a play centre called Jungle Den in Naas. A lot of his friends from school came and, of course, all brought presents for him. We were weighed down carrying the bags of gifts out to the car. Then himself looked across the road and spotted Smyth’s toy shop and insisted he wanted to go over and get something. All this despite the fact that he had a boot load of new toys that hadn’t even been opened yet.

Maybe it’s all our own fault, perhaps we have him spoiled but I genuinely don’t think that’s the case. Sarah will also chance her arm in shops but once she’s told she’s not getting anywhere she is pretty alright about it. Or if I sternly warn them before going to the shops that I’m not buying them anything, she usually heeds the warning. Aidan will still chance his arm, which is typical of a child, but then acts mega surprised and disappointed when I don’t bow to his demands.

My child always wants things – even things he doesn’t like!

There was one day in Aldi he threw his eye on a packet of Bran Flakes and when I told him I wasn’t buying them he lost the will to live. May I just point out he has never once in his life ate Bran Flakes. In fact I recall my mother offering him a bowl of them some time back and he informed her they were disgusting. Yet there he was in Aldi throwing a stop because I wouldn’t bloody well buy the Bran Flakes. Sure what the bejaysus can I say to that?

Don’t get my started on those claw machines. Do you know the ones where you have to put money in to operate the claw and try to grab a teddy? They are the bane of my life.

I avoid the upper floor of Whitewater Shopping Centre just in case he gets a sniff of the arcade down beside the cinema. If he sets eyes on the place he’s gone like a shot and he would bleed me absolutely dry if I gave an inch. They should be banned altogether. Maybe I’ll start a campaign actually – The My Child Always Wants Things So Can We Please Ban The Claw Machines, is what I will call it! 



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