We have a no shoe policy at home, what’s the big deal?

no shoe policy

No shoe policy: There’s one in our house

We have a no shoe policy in our house. We all adhere to it regimentally, yes even the kids. They know no different. I can’t say all my guests do and the ones that do, well some of them, look at me like I have ten heads. It kind of annoys me to be honest. 

I never had a no shoe policy when I was in rented accommodation. However, when we bought our current house five years ago I immediately enforced it. Why? Well I’m slightly obsessed with keeping the house clean but I’m also ever so slightly lazy! I don’t want to be constantly cleaning floors so if we don’t wear shoes in the house then I don’t have to be.

When we moved in to the house I was three months pregnant with Aidan but it’s only after he was born that I really saw the benefit of having a no shoe policy in the house. First up he was rolling around the floor, then came the crawling and even now, at four, he’s been known to drop a bit of food and pick it up and shove it in his gob!

As a first time mother I was a bit anal when it came to germs with Aidan, while I let a lot more go with Sarah. In saying that, I still didn’t want her crawling around on a manky floor.

In my own head, not wearing shoes in the house is a complete and utter no brainer. Just think about it. The minute you step outside the front door in your shoes, you don’t have a clue what you are walking on. There could be dog wee, cat wee, or wee from any animal that may have passed through your garden. And that’s just at your own front door!

And what the hell are you standing on in your shoes if you go down the town?! Johnny may have had one too many the night before and threw up on the main street when he was waiting for his taxi! Or maybe he took a whizz up against the wall! And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! If you don’t believe me, just have a read of this article or the countless other ones you will find online!

I shouldn’t be, but sometimes I feel embarrassed when I ask people to take off their shoes and they roll their eyes at me. Aidan and Sarah had a play date this evening and you’d want to have seen the look on the kids faces when I asked them to take off their shoes coming in. They thought I was a freak! I’m happy to be a freak if it means Johnny’s vomit doesn’t make its way on to my floors to be honest!

So, to the people that visit my house, them’s the rules! Don’t look at me like I’m an alien when I mention it! There’s a lovely little decorative wooden box by the front door for your shoes, kindly put them in there the next time you’re visiting!




PS: Speaking of shoes, are mammy shoes a thing of the past?!

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