An open letter to the interfering store employee

garden gnome

Dear interfering store employee,

You may or may not recall who I am but let me re-jog your memory. I, along with my four and two year olds, were in the store you work in last Friday evening. I was the mother who left abruptly without buying anything. My boy reluctantly followed me out the door. He was crying, screaming in fact.  Continue reading

Free Easter event: Make your own FrankenToy


Frunkentoys Free Easter

Following on from my post about Kildare Farm Foods, I have just discovered another free Easter event for the kids. It’s a workshop called Make Your Own FrankenToy and it’s on this Tuesday in Recreate Ireland, Unit 8, Block K, Ballymount Drive, Ballymount Industrial Estate, Walkinstown, Dublin. Continue reading

Advice needed #1 -Night training

night training

Most of the time I’m winging it when it comes to being a parent. I’m always searching online for answers to particular parenting questions I have. We all know though, the internet’s advice can be so conflicting and downright crazy. In light of this I’ve decided to start a category called ‘advice needed’ and this is the first of many. Believe me, I could always do with a bit of advice. So here goes my latest dilemma, night training my oldest.  Continue reading