My new parenting magazine for real mammies

An alternative parenting magazine

My parenting magazine. Would you buy it?

I don’t think I’ve actually ever bought a parenting magazine myself but I have read them. The first one I got my mits on was probably in the free Eumom gift bag when I was pregnant with Aidan. I’ve subsequently picked them up now and again in the doctor’s waiting room and, no disrespect, but a lot of the content is similar in them all.  Continue reading

My badly behaved kids aren’t welcome in the Catholic Church

Catholic Church - my children aren't welcome

A younger Aidan gets to grips with religion in his own enthusiastic way but he’s not welcome in the Catholic Church according to a recent letter I received

A while back I wrote a post about how we had recently started taking the kids to mass and how it wasn’t going too well. If you didn’t see it, it was about how giddy and loud Sarah are in church and how it stresses me out. You can read it here Continue reading

Free kids activity: The Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground Free kids activity

Free kids activity – The Imagination Playground is currently on at the Riverbank Theatre

If any of you folks are looking for some free fun for the kiddies this month perhaps you should check out The Imagination Playground at the Riverbank Theatre in Newbridge, Kildare. It has been on since last month and will run until May 27th.  Continue reading

An absolutely brilliant family weekend in Birr

Birr Castle Treehouse

Aidan and Sarah leg it towards to treehouse in the grounds of Birr Castle

Birr is not the first town that comes to mind when trying to organise a family weekend away. We’re just back from the Offaly town and I’m here to tell you that it’s the business. Indeed it’s perfect for a family weekend away and we’ll be back again.  Continue reading

Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper – My new favourite kitchen gadget

Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper

The Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper

I have two kids who hate vegetables but I refuse to not let them eat veg. I try my best to conceal them in dishes, which often means chopping veg up into teeny tiny pieces. I hate chopping though, so I decided to invest in a Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper and I genuinely don’t know how I lived without it up until now!

I’ve owned various choppers in the past, some electric but mostly those ones you have to manual press down on, that basically aren’t worth a damn. However, the Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper, is the dogs b*llix of choppers and I’ve used it every single day since I bought it from Amazon.

So obviously the Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper does exactly what it says on the tin. It chops things. But it makes everything so much quicker. I’m a slow manual chopper but the new gadget has me flying through meal prep. I don’t just chop vegetables, I have chopped anything and everything in it since buying it about a month ago.

Today I used it to prep our dinner, a spaghetti bolognese and it was on the hob and cooking away in record time. I usually work at home on a Wednesday and make dinner at lunch time. Normally my whole lunch break is taken up with prepping and cleaning up after making the dinner. Today though, thanks to the Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper, I was done and dusted in half and hour and had time to sit down with a cuppa before I had to go back to work.

Anyway, today I chopped a big onion, four carrots and four stalks of celery for the spag bol. They were sufficiently chopped small enough for Aidan and Sarah after a couple of seconds. I always put rashers in my spag bol and my new gadget even chopped them up perfectly. After that I washed it out and lobbed in the Parmesan and basil and blasted that in it.

At the weekend I made homemade chicken fried rice and wanted the chicken chopped smaller than usual and my new machine came up trumps again. Daddy Chambers uses it every day to make his overnight oats and I’m only dying to make things such as salsa and coleslaw in it.

So there you have it, the Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper has revolutionised how I work in the kitchen. It speeds me up no end, which is always a big plus for a busy parent.