Play centre birthday parties are right up my street

play centre birthday

There was none of that in my day! This is exactly what my mother said when I told her I’m having Aidan’s forthcoming birthday party in a play centre. 

She wasn’t disapproving, in fact she thinks it’s a great idea and so do I. For his first birthday we just had family and godparents over for the day. For his second and third birthdays we had his party at a local open farm, which was fantastic but because it was weather dependent, I was a bit on edge.

This year Aidan announced he wanted his party in the place with the spinning tea cups, which is of course The Fun Factory in Naas and who was I to argue. I’m just not the type of parent who embraces big birthday bashes in the house. I take my hat off to parents who do.

The thoughts of having ten or more kids, plus their parents, over to the house for a party actually sends a shiver down my spine. Seriously, the damage Aidan and Sarah can do with just two cream crackers is epic. I can’t imagine what a whole heap of kids would do to the place if we hosted the party ourselves.

We live in a bungalow with a small enough garden and Aidan loves to show people around when they visit. I can just imagine all the kids down in my bedroom jumping on the bed with pieces of cake smeared everywhere. Or cake being squashed into the walls, jellies welded to the fabric sofa or little mucky footprints everywhere if they were to be in and out from the garden. It just doesn’t float my boat at all. I have mentioned before that I stress easily, right?

Hard work

So I’m delighted play centre will do all the hard work for me! However, I’m not quite down with the birthday party etiquette. Up to now I always invited cousins and a few of my friends’ children.

However, now that Aidan is in school he has loads of little buddies. The Fun Factory doesn’t come cheap though so I told him he could pick a few friends from school to invite and he told me exactly who he wanted to invite. I subtly told the parents of these kids that we’d be delighted to have them to his party. Now though, I’m afraid the kids that aren’t invited will feel left out and their parents will be insulted. It’s most definitely not personal, I can assure you but I’m new to all this birthday party organising.


If I was to invite everyone to the party I may well have to apply for a loan! I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking I should have had it in the house and it wouldn’t have cost me half as much. I know this but see above. I wouldn’t be able at all!

In saying all that, I can’t wait for the party now. Aidan is thrilled with the play centre, all the kiddies will have an hour and a half play time before being escorted upstairs for food and cake, which I won’t have cooked and won’t have to serve. Then all the kids will head home with a little bag of sweets.

When I turn the key in my front door the house will be as I left it. Bliss!

All I have to do now is sort the cake, which I will not be making myself I can assure you, and put some party bags together. I think I’ll manage that part just fine!

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