My pregnancy soundtrack volume 1

pregnancy soundtrack

My pregnancy soundtrack.

So myself and Daddy Chambers tied the knot in May 2012. I was an eager beaver and wanted kids as soon as possible. I was very lucky to fall pregnant three months later. It was a relative easy pregnancy. I was sitting at home thinking last night about what songs would be on my pregnancy soundtrack. Random, I know. But that’s me. 

So here it is. My pregnancy soundtrack for Aidan, or Cecil as we jokingly called him when he was in my uterus cooking.

  1. Ride On – Christy Moore

I mentioned I was an eager beaver, right?! Well it was like Christmas came early for Daddy Chambers! Morning, noon and night I wanted to make a baby. This Christy Moore classic is the perfect song to sum up the months of May to July 2012!

2. Knocked Up – Kings of Leon

So after all the riding I began p*ssing on sticks. Many, many, many sticks! I’ll never forget the evening I got the positive pregnancy test. I had just come home from work and bought a test on the way home. My plan was to do it when Daddy Chambers got home but I was too excited. So I went ahead and p*ssed on the stick. The line was faint. Very faint. But I was knocked up! Yippeeee. I think I actually played this Kings of Leon song that evening. I was a big KOL fan back then so I had to feature at least one of their tunes on my pregnancy playlist.

3. Beyoncé – Drunk in Love

Then came the realisation that I was pregnant for a few weeks and sculling wine at the same time. The bloody guilt and the worry. What if I did damage. And worse, I was a smoker back then too. It was my first and I worried about everything!

4. Sugar – Maroon 5

As I mentioned above, my first pregnancy was a relatively easy ones. However, I did get gestational diabetes in the middle of it. First the experts in the hospital tried to keep my blood sugars under control with just diet alone. I was checked regularly. I remember sitting in the clinic in The Coombe when a fellow pregnant diabetic woman sat down beside me. She was stuffing her face with a Toffee Crisp. A bloody Toffee Crisp in a gestational diabetic clinic! She was vocal about it too. Ah f*ck the diabetes says she! And there was me sitting beside her with my diabetic friendly packed lunch and all I wanted was a bite of her Toffee Crisp. In fact I would have done anything for sugar that day so that’s why this Maroon 5 track features on my pregnancy playlist.

5. I’m too Sexy – Right Said Fred

So I’m a sarcastic b*tch in case you didn’t know. There was nothing sexy about me when I was very heavily pregnant. I struggled every single day to get socks on. My fat arse got wedged in the bath on numerous occasions and Daddy Chambers had to yank me out. He actually used to take the p*ss out of me and sing this song to me so I had to include it in my pregnancy soundtrack!

6. The Drugs Don’t Work – The Verve

I was induced at 39 weeks due to the diabetes and the gel stuff they used worked a treat. I remember being in  ward in The Coombe and telling a nurse I was in labour and she laughed at me! A few minutes later she arrived back to my bed with two paracetamol. She might as well have given me Smarties. I was a thick as an ass with her! A few minutes later my waters burst in her face! I was only delighted for her!

7. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

When I was moved from the ward down to the delivery suite I knew I’d get the good stuff. I would have done anything for the anesthetist. He was my hero. He gave me an epidural, I was comfortably numb and all was well with the world again.

8. Push It – Salt-n-Pepa

Needs no explanation. Was grand due to being comfortably numb!

9. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

And on to the following morning and my first trip to the bathroom. Lord Jaysus! Nobody warned me about that. Why did nobody warn me about it? Why?!

The baby I was pregnant with back in 2012 is now four-years-old. I recently wrote him an open letter on the eve of his birthday. You can read it here.

So what songs would be on your pregnancy soundtrack?



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