Thank you for the quality family time Storm Emma

quality family time

Quality family time: Aidan was in his element playing in the snow last week.

Us parents are only great at contradicting ourselves. We moan about making lunches and school runs but when the kids are off we can’t wait to get them back to school. I’m guilty of it myself.  However, last week, when the playschool was closed due to all the snow, I just loved it. We had genuine quality family time like we’ve never had before. 

At what other time would you lounge around the house for three days just doing fun stuff together as a family? On reflection, it’s a real shame it took a status red weather warning for us to do it.

We paid moderate heed to the warning. We didn’t go mad and buy 12 sliced pans but invested in three, stocked up on milk and made sure to have enough grub in for dinners and snacks. And thankfully, Sheila and Ollie out in our local Roseberry Stores, had all we needed when we did pop out on foot.

quality family time

Quality Family Time: Sarah enjoying an ice lolly in the snow!

A regular weekday morning in our house consists of rushing and more rushing. Daddy Chambers is gone by 6am so I get the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door for playschool and to the childminders’ place. It doesn’t always go to plan. Remember this?! I’m forever growling at Aidan and Sarah and telling them to hurry up. So last week it was so nice to not have to do that. Yes, I was still up early but I didn’t have to dress them, I didn’t have to rush them and I didn’t feel obliged to go out and do things like I would at the weekend.

The kids were amazed to see the snow. We ventured in at out of it. When we all got too cold we came in and sat by the fire. When we were outside, all the kids in the estate came together and played. There was no worry about cars or shouting at the kids to stay off the road. It was lovely.

We all sat down together and snuggled under blankets on the sofa and watched movies. I never do that with the kids. When they normally watch movies, I stick them on so I can get stuff done around the house.

I’m normally too busy to play board games with them or do jigsaws but for those few days last week I had plenty of time.

quality family time

Quality Family Time: Myself and Sarah snuggled up in my bed and read her books. She enjoyed a warm milk and me a hot coffee. It was pure bliss.

Aidan helped me make muffins one of the days, while myself and Sarah sat in my bed and read her books together.

We made a snowman in the back garden. Myself and Daddy Chambers pulled the kids around in plastic sleds himself picked up for them.

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma taught us that we really do need to slow down a bit. It’s a terribly hard thing to do with the two of us working full time. We can at least slow the weekends down a bit more I guess. I’m always trying to entertain them with trips out and excursions but in reality Aidan and Sarah are at their happiest at home.

Now I’ll be honest come Saturday I was feeling a small bit caged in so we did venture down town. We had lunch, picked up some essentials and then retreated back to the house for another evening beside the fire. 

All over social media I saw other parents moaning about cabin fever or saying the kids were driving them mad. We’re never happy, are we?

Except I was so happy. The whole thing made me appreciate family life like I never did before. The only other time you have time like it is Christmas Day but even then I’m fussing about a fancy dinner.

So here’s to status red weather alerts! I think I’d like to have one every year. It may never happen again in my lifetime though so perhaps we need to have pretend ones. Pretend ones where we stop everything and just be a family together and have fun.



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