Review: Rathwood Halloween Pirate Adventure

Rathwood Halloween Pirate Adventure

Rathwood Halloween Pirate Adventure: Sarah picking out her pumpkin to carve.

Aye Aye my hearties! Happy Halloween in advance! We got in the spirit of things at the Rathwood Halloween Pirate Adventure today and not even Storm Brian got in our way! 

Aidan and Sarah are big Rathwood fans, having been there during the summer for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic so they were up to high doh when they realised they were heading  back.

Rathwood is just a 45 minute drive from Newbridge, so not too long for young ones to be stuck in the car. We were booked in for the 12 noon train and, as always, it was bang on time. Before boarding we met Pirate Jack Sail, who explained his predicament. He had crashed his ship and was trying to give Captain Hook a wide berth. My pair were lapping it up, especially Aidan who is pirate mad and constantly drawing treasure maps at home.

Off we all went on the train through the enchanted forest where we found Pirate Penelope Sail fast asleep. The kids had to hop out and let a few roars to wake her up. When she eventually woke she was talking all sorts of gibberish so the Jack Sail and the kids had to snap her out of it and she duly came round.

Thereafter we re-boarded the train and went on our way through the forest. We met countless tombstones, skeletons, graveyards and we even spotted the sail from Jack Sail’s ship, which he had earlier crashed.

All of a sudden Aidan realised we were being chased by the evil Captain Hook but luckily on this occasion, we got away from him. When we turned the next corner we found the ship wreck and the all important treasure. However, Captain Hook had caught up with us and there was an almighty battle for the treasure. In the end, the good pirates won out and the treasure was all theirs.

After that it was time to head back to base to pick out and carve our pumpkins. Aidan and Sarah got to pick one each and we all carved them together in the covered in carving area. They loved that part.

To finish they got a ride on some spinning tea cups and a hot chocolate, which was included in the entry price.

Feeling peckish, we then ventured to The MerryTree Restaurant for a delicious dinner of roast lamb and an even more delicious and warming rubarb crumble and custard. We sat by the window so when it came time for a coffee, Aidan and Sarah headed outside to the playground, while us adults sat back and relaxed for a few minutes.

In all the day was a great success and it was the perfect mix of fun and just a little bit of scary for my pair who are only four and two. I’m told it gets scarier after 4pm so if you have older kids you should take them at that time.

Would I recommend it? Yes. So if you haven’t booked anything yet, give it a go. It’s only €10 per child and €7 per adult and you can book your tickets here.



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