Shopping at SuperValu and how it went

Shopping at SuperValu
Shopping at SuperValu: I did my weekly grocery shop at SuperValu for the first time ever this week

Lets talk about the weekly grocery shop. For most families it’s likely the biggest weekly outgoing (aside from childcare if you use it) and our family is no different. To be honest I’m not a loyal customer of any of the Irish supermarkets. On any given week, depending on my mood, I could shop in any of them. I love a root around Aldi and Lidl mostly because of the special buys, while Tesco is great for getting absolutely everything in the one place. The only supermarket I never ever shop in is Dunnes Stores because of their zero hours contract policy a few years back. This week I did my shopping at SuperValu, so lets see how I got on.

The closest supermarket to me is SuperValu and I feel like I’m constantly in it. I never do my full shop in it but I get my top up stuff there during the week. I do so because, as I said, it’s close by and it has free parking. It’s not in town either and I generally do anything to avoid the town, especially when I have the kids with me. I had a very bad experience in a supermarket a few years ago with the kids you see! If you want to read about it, you can do so here.

The reason why I don’t do my full weekly shop in SuperValu is because, in my head, it’s way more expensive than the likes of Aldi, Lidl and Tesco. However, when the company got in touch and offered me a €100 voucher to try my shopping in SuperValu, I could hardly say no, now could I?

So just yesterday, having dropped the kids off to school, I headed for Smyth’s SuperValu in Johnstown, just outside Navan, to do the ‘big shop’. Normally my weekly shop comes in at just under €130 in the other supermarkets, so I was keen to see what it cost me in SuperValu this week. They were promising so much due to their new price cuts but was I able to keep within my budget?

For the most part I stuck to SuperValu’s own brand stuff especially for the staples such as chopped tomatoes, jars of pesto, ham and cheese and the like. There are of course some branded things I like to get every week so I got them as normal. I was delighted to see their dark chocolate rice cakes reduced from €1.49 to 75c because my kids would live on these if I let them! Porridge bread is another firm favourite in this house. I make my own and Aidan and Sarah take it in their lunch boxes to school. So when I noticed the SuperValu own brand porridge oats reduced from 95c to 70c, I stocked up.

There were lots of great offers throughout the store to be fair. At times I did have to wrap myself on the knuckles for adding stuff to my trolley that I wouldn’t normally, just because they were on offer! However, I managed to practice some restraint thankfully.

By the time I had all the aisles covered I had managed to get everything on my list and it was time to head for the checkout to see if I stayed within budget. Bingo! I did. My weekly shop came to €117.17. I was pleasantly surprised. Not bad for a family of four plus the little boy I mind four days a week. It turns out it’t actually not more expensive at all. Seeing as it’s my local supermarket, the one closest to my house, I think I’ll be going there from here on out. It’s mad how you just form opinions in your head without really testing them!

SuperValu have kindly given me a €100 voucher to giveaway to one of my Facebook followers and I’ll be launching the competition soon so make sure to give my page a like and keep your eyes peeled.



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