Irish supermarkets need shopping trolleys for kids

shopping trolleys for kids

Shopping trolleys for kids: Aidan all set for his shopping in The Netherlands last week.

We’ve only been abroad with the kids twice, once in Spain and just last week we were in The Netherlands and Belgium. In all three countries supermarkets had mini shopping trolleys for kids and they are the business. We need them in Ireland. Well personally I think that we need them here. 

Why? First up they are super cute and both Aidan and Sarah loved them. The minute the spotted them they made a beeline for them and were as happy as Larry when I told them they could have one each. Grocery trips with my pair can be a real pain in the backside. One or both of them wants to stand in the trolley and end up standing on my supplies. And then there’s the constant requests to push the trolley, which usually ends up ploughed in to some shelf. You don’t have any of that with these foreign shopping trolleys for kids though!

When we arrived in The Netherlands last week we decided to do a big shop and stock up our Air B&B rental with grub for the holiday. Usually a trip to the supermarket with both kids in tow can be a bit of an ordeal (see above!). They end up fighting, shouting, running around and begging me for the most random stuff. Last week however, of they went with the mini trolleys and they felt totally involved in the whole process. I told them what to pick me up and put in their trolleys and they duly obliged. They felt included. It’s a genius idea. They had a purpose in the supermarket. There were no tantrums like this, no running around and neither of them wanted anything to do with my trolley. It was bliss for them and me.

So I’m calling on Irish supermarkets to provide shopping trolleys for kids. Please do it! I can assure you the once annoying kids in the shop will turn in to little angels. It makes so much sense. It would make the whole shopping process so easy for all us parents.

Oh and those plastic yokes on wheels with the extendable handles don’t count! I’m actually considering buying one of these Little Tikes ones and keep it in the boot to keep them happy on grocery shopping trips!




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