SpotOn Football – a genius product for young GAA players

SpotOn Football

Aidan with his SpotOn Football

If you haven’t guessed it, the GAA is king in our house. I love it. Daddy Chambers loves it. Aidan loves it and Sarah is getting there. I’m totally chuffed that Aidan is passionate about playing football. I want sport to play a huge part in the kids’ lives. I want them to enjoy it but to enjoy it I firmly believe kids have to be decent at it.  Continue reading

Review: Family Day at The Curragh

The Curragh Family Day

The Curragh Family Day: Aidan, my little lion man

I’m not big into the gigis myself. My knowledge would be limited. I remember being sent off on assignments to interview people in the horse racing industry when I worked as a sports journalist and winging it; totally winging it.  Continue reading

Keeneland Family Day at The Curragh

Keeneland Family Day

The Keeneland Family Day is on at The Curragh Racecourse on Sunday, August 13

The Keeneland Family Day at The Curragh Racecourse is always a day out that we enjoy here at Chambers HQ. I’m anything but a horse racing buff but the great thing about this event is, you don’t have to be! But if you are, well you’ll get double enjoyment out of it! Continue reading

Sensational Kids Enchanted Fairy and Elf Festival

The Sensational Kids Enchanted Fairy and Elf Festival will take place in Rathwood this September.

Do you have a little magical character at home that would like to experience an enchanted Fairy and Elf Festival? Well, Sensational Kids and Rathwood have just thing thing.  Continue reading

I have taken up refereeing


I have taken up refereeing. I’m the woman in the middle of three-year-old and an almost two-year-old and sometimes I really wish I had a sideline to send them to! Up until recently I had a relatively easy job with Sarah and Aidan because, for the most part, the latter didn’t bother playing with his little sister. However, now that she’s more hardy, the bickering, the pulling, the dragging, the hair pulling and the slapping would drive you round the twist. Continue reading

Top Five Family Days Out Kildare

Kilcullen Playground Kildare

Sarah enjoying the baby swings in Kilcullen playground in Kildare

I’m living in Kildare almost eight years now. Having moved from Tullamore I initially lived in Newbridge, then moved to Naas, followed by a move to Johnstown. Three years ago we finally put roots down and bought a house in Newbridge. But it wasn’t until Aidan and Sarah came along that we fully embraced local life. Continue reading