We have a no shoe policy at home, what’s the big deal?

no shoe policy

No shoe policy: There’s one in our house

We have a no shoe policy in our house. We all adhere to it regimentally, yes even the kids. They know no different. I can’t say all my guests do and the ones that do, well some of them, look at me like I have ten heads. It kind of annoys me to be honest.  Continue reading

Are mammy shoes a thing of the past?

Mammy Shoe

When I think of mammy shoes, this is exactly what comes to mind

Does the term ‘mammy shoe’ even exist anymore? Like, I’m a mammy but I wouldn’t dare wear anything like the above. Even my own mother wouldn’t wear them. They go back another generation again. Great granny shoe doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though!  Continue reading