Review: The Field, original model toy field


The Field

The Field, original model toy field

Both my kids have, thus far, been born and reared in a town. Born in The Coombe, they came home to Newbridge and that’s where they have been ever since. That’s all about to change however. 

In a couple of months we are making the big move to the country, back to my home parish in Meath. We will be surrounded by fields of rape, potatoes and livestock. It will be quite the change for Aidan and Sarah.

With that in mind I jumped at the chance to review The Field, the original toy field. I figured my pair really needed a dry run at life in the country! Even better is the fact that the company who makes The Field products are Irish owned and based over there in Roscommon.

So what is The Field? Well it’s a model toy field complete with hedging and a traditional timber gate. It is made from quality artificial grass and has a timber gate made from scape wood. In essence it’s a really simple idea but we all know kids have the best imaginations and more often than not, knock the best craic out of simple things. Take cardboard boxes as a great example!

Neither of the kids had any clue that they were getting a special delivery in the post so excitement was high when it was delivered as you can imagine!

The Field

What is it?! The excitement when an original model toy field arrives from The Field!

The Field toy

It didn’t last too long in the box!

Okay, I must admit that we are not flush with farm toys here in Chambers’ HQ. We have one toy tractor and that’s it! However, at five and three, my pair were well able to improvise. They horsed in their Lego Duplo animals, including a giraffe, an elephant and a leopard and they had a ball. They played away for ages, fighting with one another when one left the gate open and the giraffe ‘escaped’!

Since we received The Field, it’s been used a lot. Aidan often builds Lego houses on his little plot of land while Sarah regularly takes her Lottie dolls (Sarah’s favourites) in to have a picnic. Dinky cars have races in it, dinosaurs do battle in it and

So just because Aidan and Sarah aren’t yet country bumpkins, doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their new toy so it’s a big thumbs up from them!

If you fancy winning one of The Field’s original model toy field head on over to my Facebook page, where one lucky follower will get their mitts on one!




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