The Kids

Meet Aidan Chambers. Or to give him his full title, Master Aidan Michael Chambers. A blonde bombshell!

Born in The Coombe at the end of April 2013 after induction and seven hours of labour. Our first born; our bundle of energy; our little mad man and big brother of Sarah, named after his late granddad,who would have loved to have met him.

At six years old I guess he’s your typical male Senior Infant. Demanding. Bossy. Impatient. From the second he arises, normally 6am, until the second he goes to bed he runs. He rarely sits. A joker. A character and full of life.

Aidan listens to few but is loved by everybody who meets him. He’s a charmer and a social kind of a fella. In a nutshell, he’s wild, he’s wired and he’s tiring. He’s our little nutter. Not bold, just inquisitive. Just adventurous. Just perfect.

Meet the little sister. Sarah Chambers, who arrived in a hurry in December 2014 in The Coombe.

She’s four going on 30. Loves everything pink and rarely stops talking. Sensitive. Emotional. Irrational at times and obsessed with dairy.