Toddler Tourettes …


So my two-year-old seems to have some form of toddler Tourettes at the minute. She keeps shouting out the most random stuff at the most random times. 

Like the other night, for example, Daddy Chambers was putting her down and after a few minutes he thought she was asleep and he attempted to sneak out of the room. The next second she shot up in the cot, looked at him and said: “Daddy, I have nostrils.”

He thought he misheard her but he was wrong. When he asked her what she was talking about, she did indeed point to her nostrils. Apart from the fact that it was quite the strange thing for a two-year-old to say, I’m quite amazed that she knows what nostrils actually are. I have no idea how or why she knows this.

The following evening it was my turn to put her down and again she was a bit random just before she nodded off. She proclaimed her love for Pedro Pony and insisted she was not going to the childminder’s the following morning, she was going to Madame Gazelle’s instead. Eh, I  think I need to limit her Peppa Pig intake.

You just have to love their little minds though.



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