Toilet training number 2 and why I’m dreading it

Toilet training number 2

Toilet training number 2, I’m dreading it

My oldest Aidan toilet trained no problem. It took three days and he was done. He flew it. So, why then am I absolutely dreading toilet training number 2? 

Aidan was three when he bid farewell to nappies. Sarah isn’t three until the middle of December but I need to get my skates on because she’s starting playschool in January and she has to be toilet trained by then.

She has no interest in it though. She looks at me blankly when I tell her it’s time to say goodbye to nappies. Either that or she tells me she’s going to fall in to the toilet if she sits on it. Even when she has soiled herself, it doesn’t bother her. She doesn’t come looking to be changed.

I remember toilet training Aidan well. It was Easter weekend and we as good as locked ourselves in the house for the whole time. The poor child ate his Easter egg on a potty while watching cartoons on the TV. I totally went overboard with the whole process. He was asked every five minutes if he needed to do a wee. No wonder he got it so fast, he just wanted to be left alone!

I kid you not. I literally asked him constantly if he needed to go and even if he said no, I picked him up and plonked him on the loo or the potty. It’s my only experience with potty training. Is that what I have to do with Sarah too? I’m not sure I can face it! Seriously, the three days actually felt like a week.

I kept waiting for Aidan to be ‘ready’ but I don’t think he ever was. He never once showed an interest in toilet training and was like his sister when he was dirty. It did not bother him one little bit. l just thought at three that I had better get to it and so the Easter weekend lockdown happened.

I actually tried toilet training Sarah a couple of months ago. Talk about disaster. The poor little thing was nowhere ready. She had no concept of it at all. In fact I don’t think she even realised she was soaking wet when she had an accident. She didn’t care one bit that she was drowning the cute little Paw Patrol knickers that I had bought her.

After that I put the nappies back on her and buried my head in the sand. Now I’m thinking of re-visiting the whole thing again. Should I? Or should I just continue to plant the seed in her head and hope she comes round to it herself? Even her brother is planting the seed at this stage! However, reading this article makes me think she’s not even ready. Aidan wasn’t either though.

Why was this easier the first time round? Toilet training number 2 is not supposed to be like this, right? Or maybe I’m just overthinking it yet again! Or maybe I’m just being lazy. Car journeys like these are bad enough with one asking to stop every few minutes!



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