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Sarah with her wings on, dressed up as a fairy princess for Halloween and Daddy Chambers as mammy and Aidan went trick or treating and returned home with way too much junk.

Sarah with her wings on, dressed up as a fairy princess for Halloween and Daddy Chambers as mammy and Aidan went trick or treating and returned home with way too much junk.

A few weeks back I wrote about ‘Operation Lose the Spare Tyre’ and how I embarked on a journey to lose my baby weight. Except it wasn’t baby weight; it was I ate all the pies and subsequently sat on my arse weight! Well, as I write I am currently eight weeks into that journey so I said I’d update you all on how I’m getting on. 

For those of you who didn’t see the original post, I’m not alone on my journey. I’m doing a twelve week online fitness course with mammy fitness guru Brid McGill of Fit With Brid. She specialises in fitness for new and not so new mammys, who don’t necessarily have the time to spend hours pounding the roads or have the inclination to make an appearance in the gym. Her course has no gimmicks; it’s simply real food (and lots of it) and a half and hour to 40 minutes exercise, at home, five days a week. She’s on hand, sorry online, all the time to help me through, field 101 questions, demonstrate exercises and has even been furnishing me with some great recipes. The rest is up to me.

So how am I getting on? Right, I’m going to be honest and say I’m not 100 per cent good with food and exercises seven days a week but for the most part I’ve stuck to the plan and I’ve been both amazed and delighted with the results.

I didn’t weigh myself before I started as Brid is very keen for me not to get too bogged down by weight. Instead I took all my measurements, waist, hips, chest, arms, thighs etc. At the end of the first month she instructed me to retake them and to say I was pleased with the results is an understatement. Every single measurement decreased but most notably four inches had vanished from my belly and two inches from my hips. The best feeling of all though is feeling my clothes gradually feel looser and looser and I’ve even managed to fit into certain things that I haven’t worn in years without the need to slap on a sexy pair of Spanxs underneath! Hooray!

With the two kiddies at home fitting this programme into my normal and hectic day was paramount. Thankfully it fits really well but there is some organisation involved. To start with I just don’t buy any junk food because if it’s in the house I will scoff it all, so that’s a huge help. I pick one evening at the weekend to prepare for the working week ahead. I make dinners for the week and freeze them and make a huge pot of soup that serves as lunch. That way I’m not cooking in the evenings and it frees up time to prance around my sitting room doing my exercises.

Of course everyone needs a break too and that’s the best bit about Brid’s course. She’s realistic you see, she knows everyone likes to let loose and have a treat at least once a week, which is fantastic. In my case I still get to have a few drinks on a Friday night over in my friend and neighbour Jenny’s house, which has become a little ritual since moving into the estate. Jenny herself has been plaguing me for a mention on the blog so this should keep her happy for a while at least!

Halloween was a tricky one I must admit. Sarah stayed in with Daddy Chambers while myself and Aidan, sorry Fireman Sam in this case, went trick or treating. When we returned home an hour later he had enough sweets, bars and crisps to enable him to open a local shop! I allowed him pick a small few things out and flung the bag up on the worktop. When he retired for the evening I found myself gravitating towards the bag. I wasn’t too hard on myself and had a couple of things but then took a rush of blood to the head and flew out the back door and shoved the bag in the wheelie bin. Mean mammy I know, but otherwise I would have eaten it all and found myself in a sugar induced coma on the sofa!

In all my Fit With Brid course is going splendid, There’s no complaints from my side and Brid is outdoing herself with all the support and guidance she offers. Losing inches and having clothes fit me again is the best motivator of all though. Better still, I ran into some people who I haven’t seen in about two months recently and their reaction to my weight loss was like music to my ears. At this rate I’ll have the bikini out for Christmas!

In all seriousness though, I’m by no means at the end of this journey and I can’t see myself getting spotted by a modelling agency any time soon but I’m over the moon with my progress. So thank you Brid McGill!

Check out Brid, her work and success stories on her website Fit With Brid or her Facebook page. I promise you won’t regret it! And the good news is, she’s starting a new online course in January.

Or if you want to have a chinwag with me you can get in touch on itsjustaphaseblog@gmail.com; follow me on Twitter @ruthie_chambers or see some more of my musings on the blog’s Facebook page.

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